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Order Protection

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OrderProtection.com is offered as an additional item at checkout. There’s no extra application process or forms to fill out, customers just checkout and are instantly protected against items:

  • Stolen
  • Delivered Not Received
  • Damaged Item
  • Lost in Transit
  • Wrong Item

  • Cruelty Free, Faux Mink

+ Lightweight

+ Fluffy and Flared

+ Natural Full Lash

+ Perfect for Any Eye Shape

+ Most Universal Lash Style

Up to 20 wears with proper cleaning and storing

After removing LYBRE lashes from your eyes, spray with alcohol and lightly swipe with a disposable spooly. Place back into the box tray to regain shape.

To extend the life of the lash, avoid applying mascara directly to it.

+ 100% Faux Mink

LYBRE Lashes

"I designed LYBRE Lashes to work for various eye shapes as I want everyone to look and feel truly beautiful. It was essential for me to create lashes that are highly accessible and aesthetically pleasing, and priced under $20 including a cruelty-free Faux Mink set. I want you to experience a part of my personality and style."


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