LYBRE means 'free' or 'liberating'

Elevate your glam with LYBRE Lashes – where lashes aren't just a look but a statement. There is a feeling of freedom that comes with getting ready and expressing yourself through makeup. 

LYBRE encourages you to embrace all your personalities, and we have a lash to match every version of you - from your natural look to your fierce, sultry, dramatic, and glamorous sides. 

Let LYBRE Lashes do the talkin’. 

Our Founder
Meet Karen

Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, also known as 'iluvsarahii' began her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist before gaining fame as a beauty content creator on Instagram and YouTube. 

She is a passionate Latina creator and entrepreneur who has inspired millions to enhance their beauty through technique. As a visionary entrepreneur, Karen has not only transformed the beauty industry but has also encouraged many to embrace their individual beauty and cultural backgrounds.

"My main goal with LYBRE is to help everyone feel beautiful, enhance their beauty, and make lashes feel approachable to all."

- Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, Founder of LYBRE


As a Mexican Latina, the word “libre'' has a powerful meaning and connection to the Latin community that is deeply rooted in our culture. 

Naming my brand LYBRE connects to me personally, as I’ve always felt the most free and my best self through the world of beauty. Growing up, I loved the moments of getting ready with my mom and remembering the feelings of pride and joy.

I feel my best when I wear makeup and lashes. I feel liberated and free. The feeling is incredible, and that’s how I want others to feel. 

I designed LYBRE Lashes to work for various eye shapes as I want everyone to look and feel truly beautiful. It was essential for me to create lashes that are highly accessible and aesthetically pleasing, and priced under $20 including a cruelty-free Faux Mink set. I want you to experience a part of my personality and style.

As a freelance makeup artist years ago, I often customized lashes for my clients, trimming lash strips, adding individual lashes, and so much more to create a lash and eye look that was made for my client but also to my liking as every artist has their aesthetic. I felt that there was a gap in the lash industry where options were either too natural or dramatic.

When some people hear 'false lashes,' they often feel intimidated, thinking the lashes will fail them or it just isn't their vibe. I kept in mind that many people do not wear a lot of makeup on an everyday basis so a big glamorous lash isn’t realistic for them so I designed soft lashes that can be worn with confidence. 



" Lashes are an essential for me. I know how amazing I feel when I put a pair on and getting the perfect style can make or break the look."

- Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, Founder of LYBRE